Welcome to the Dhamma Garden

This is a place to be, to find out what reality is all about. Here you are welcome to stay for days or weeks, even months. You are welcome to come and talk with a resident,  or withdraw and be silent, to work or relax. It is a place way out in the country, and yet close enough to people, towns and cities, and to the ocean.


We are four hours from Bangkok, in South-Eastern Thailand, where it's mostly warm and sunny.  You will only do, what you need to do - but will do  that with awareness.  The process of learning to feel free by unwinding is called Satipatthana, the Foundations of Mindfulness. It is about the immediate present moment, which we all overlook so easily. That is what  dhamma means the way the Buddha, the Awakened One, taught it: reality as it really is.


So, again, you are most welcome to make this your own place, be it in virtual reality by exploring what this site has to offer for your benefit, be it by coming to Thailand in person, and stay here for a shorter or longer period .


The true nature of Vipassana, Sati-Sampajannya, relaxation instead of meditation